Shipping Delivery Information

  1. Make sure you understand your local customs policies
    1. It is important to remember that different countries have different customs policies. To avoid customs clearance problems relating to import qualifications of the buyer or import restrictions of the buyer’s country, you have the responsibility to find out whether the purchased products and the number of products being imported are in compliance with the relevant local policies. You should also seek to understand whether the purchased products will attract additional local tariffs or customs duties.
    2. Orders may need to clear customs in your country.
    3. Please check if your order will incur additional import duties, taxes or other customs related charges.
    4. We are not responsible for delays caused by the customs department in your country.
    5. Additional costs or delays may occur during international trade. We sincerely hope that you do not use additional import costs or customs clearance delays as a reason for requesting refunds or leaving negative feedback.
  2. Check the product’s description and the seller’s policies on the product page carefully
    1. The product description page is the only place where the full product information is displayed. Please read the product details, shipping terms, and/or product return polices very carefully. Do not assume that information not displayed on the page will necessarily meet your expectations. If you are unsure about anything, always ask. Always confirm products details or special requests for shipping arrangements with the seller before you place your order. Failure to do so may lead to the purchase of products that differ from your expectations.
    2. Confirm the product model, color, size, shipping date, etc before you place your order.
    3. If the products you purchased are different from the product descriptions or if they are below an acceptable level of quality, please contact us immediately and try to resolve the problem.
  3. Fill in the correct delivery address
    1. To make sure your order will be delivered correctly, carefully fill in your delivery address details before making any payments.
    2. ‘PO BOX’ is a mailbox. Since most of the products on the platform are couriered in the form of a package, using a PO BOX as delivery address will mean your order will not be deliverable to you. Avoid using PO BOX as a delivery address.
    3. If you need to make any changes to the delivery address after you have made your payments, please contact the seller and seek their written consent first. Make sure you keep the original records of the relevant communications.
  4. Quickly make all necessary arrangements for collecting your order when it arrives at the destination
    1. The Logistics Company or post office will notify you when your order has arrived. Please check the delivery status and your mailbox regularly after you have placed your order. Once you have been notified that your order is ready for collection, please contact the logistics company or post office accordingly.
    2. If you didn’t receive your order because you failed to arrange their collection we will not be responsible for failure to do so.
  5. Product checking and confirmation
    1. A logistics company will deliver a package in one of two ways:
      1. Driver/Shipper Release: the logistics company will deliver the packages directly to the front or back door of the buyer’s address.
      2. Signature Obtained: the buyer must sign and acknowledge receipt of the products.
        Please confirm with the seller your preferred method of delivery. If you choose Signature Obtained or Registered Mail, you may need to pay extra fees. Please confirm with the seller on who will bear the cost of the extra fees prior to making payment.
    2. Please check the condition of your package before you sign and acknowledge receipt of delivery to avoid problems relating to product damage or the quantity of products that were delivered. Do not sign and acknowledge receipt of your order if the packaging on the outside has signs of damage.
    3. Please check the contents of your package immediately after signing and acknowledging receipt of delivery. Contact the seller immediately if you discover any further problems.
  6. Confirm the return address with the buyer before returning your products
    1. If you need to return an item because it is below an acceptable level of quality or the item delivered is substantially different from its description on the seller’s store, please make sure you confirm the return address with the seller before sending it back.
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